Accessories | Audeze
Protective carrying case for travel and storage
Sturdy travel case designed for LCD headphones
Recommended for leather earpads and headbands.
Standard cable for all LCD series headphones.
4-Pin balanced cable for all LCD series headphones.
2 meter with 2 x 3.5mm stereo plugs
Includes in-line mic and 3-button control
Mini adapter connection
Like the originals... just longer.
Headphone Headband Replacement
LCD Carbon Fiber Headband
In-ear accessory kit
EL8 earpad replacement kit
SINE replacement earpads
Replacement carry case and fitted insert for iSINE10 and 20
LCD4 premium braided cable, single ended
LCDi4 premium braided cable
Replacement leather carry case for LCDi4
In-line AMP/DAC/DSP/MIC Lightning Cable
iSINE Accessory Kit