Audeze LCD-5, LCD-X & LCD-3 Make Moon Audio's Best Audiophile Headphones List

May 30, 2022

"The flagship LCD-5 is a brilliant addition to Audeze's LCD Series of planar magnetic headphones.

Sara Schweiger - Moon Audio

The LCD-5 represents more than minor updates to previous LCD models. In fact, everything has been improved: drivers, ear pads, frame design. According to Audeze, New Parallel Uniforce™ diaphragms and Fluxor™ Magnets provide powerful sound, unparalleled sonic detail, and incredible accuracy without increasing the impedance -- which is a low 14 Ohms. And get this: The LCD-5 weighs a third less than the LCD-4. At 420g, it's the lightest LCD Series headphone. It's got an analytical sound with some top-end sizzle. Upper mids, including vocals, are on the forward side, and bass is tight and punchy. The spacious and clean sound will appeal to critical listeners. For those who enjoy fast, distortion-free sound with great soundstage and imaging plus lots of detail and nuance, the LCD-5 is a gem. We like to pair the LCD-5 with a Black Dragon Premium Cable to add a touch of warmth and bottom-end weight.

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