Peerless Sound Quality
Planar Magnetic Technology

Audeze Planar Magnetic drivers provide the best sound quality of any audiophile gaming headphone in the world. Our patented innovations and passion for audio have earned us more than 100 awards and glowing critical acclaim from experts and audio lovers across the globe.

Realism and Immersion
Spatial Sound

Our headphones render audio with unprecedented realism, creating a sense of depth that immerses you in the game like nothing else can. We partner with leading developers of 3D audio technology to further enhance that experience and pave the way for a brilliant new future of immersive gaming audio.

The Pinnacle of Gaming Audio
Take Your Gaming Audio to the Next Level

Audeze is the world leader in headphone audio technology. Our audiophile gaming headphones are the gold standard for audio production worldwide. Now we're bringing our award-winning audiophile sound quality to the gaming community.

When it comes to graphics and performance, gamers expect the best from their hardware. We think it's time for audio to meet that standard. Welcome to Audeze, where science, creativity, and passion combine to deliver the best in audio quality and performance.

The MM Series by Audeze
Purpose-Built Tools for the Studio and Beyond

Now Manny and Audeze present the MM Series, tools designed for the lifestyle of passionate creators who work when and where the inspiration strikes. Every MM Series product leverages Audeze’s patented technologies together with Manny’s studio expertise. The MM Series delivers studio-quality sound, inside and outside the studio for mixes that translate reliably and records that capture the emotion the artist intended.

Closed-back Gaming Headset

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Audiophile Gaming Headset

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