Tony Cousins prefers listening to music on the Audeze LCD-4

April 30, 2019

One of the founding members of London’s Metropolis Mastering and a career in music spanning over four decades, Tony Cousins is the man responsible for the mastering of hundreds of your favourite albums - you just didn’t know it! He has mastered the work of artists such as Adele, The Verve, Genesis and Elton John to name a few.

Tony said of the LCD4’s "The LCD 4's are just extraordinary. Perhaps they could stand a bit of running in but not because there is anything to particularly indicate this but because most drivers require it. The fear is that they will become even better. I used to say to people with the LCDX that I could wear / listen to them for hours without any fatigue, well the 4's are even better. It's actually hard to believe. One reason for this I think is  the evenness of the frequency response, music never sounds strained. What is harsh on the X is more even on the 4. Everything feels joined together at all times and there is not the sense of being enclosed. I really thought the X was the best that I had heard, the 4's are superior."



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