W. Jennings of ecoustics calls LCD-5 "possibly one of the best hi-fi products I’ve ever listened to"

November 30, 2021

"The LCD-5 is... possibly one of the best hi-fi products I’ve ever listened to — and that includes loudspeakers"

W. Jennings, ecoustics

"The low end of the LCD-5 is not emphasized but has good speed and texture and enough impact to be pleasing without becoming a distraction from the rest of the music. These are not bass monsters if that’s what you are looking for; the emphasis is on definition and speed which you can clearly hear with different types of percussion.

The low end impact on the LCD-4 was stronger by comparison but the LCD-5 is tighter and more textured. The mid bass is extremely detailed but again while slam is there when called for, it doesn’t take over or obscure any other detail in the music. 

Typical of Audeze tuning, there is a gradual rise to the lower midrange which I really like as it improves the weight of lower voiced instruments and improves vocals as well. This is where I really think the LCD-5 shines as strings have wonderful timbre and energy and there is an organic nature to the sound that makes you sit up and engage emotionally with the music.

Not only is the midrange well nuanced and textured, but it benefits from the fantastic speed of the new driver and you really get a feel for just how cleanly instruments are separated and transients are resolved when you feed the LCD-5 a piece of music other headphones stumble on.

If you’re looking to build a state-of-the-art headphone system, the LCD-5 is a mandatory audition for sure."

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