IGN Features Penrose X on their YouTube Showcase of Best XBOX Series X Headphones

July 12, 2021

"Welcome to IGN's Budget to Best series! We're dropping recommendations on some of the best Xbox Series X & S headsets you can get your hands on, regardless what your budget is. If you've already had your eyes on the official Xbox Wireless Headset, here are three other options you can take a look at. In this episode, we check out the SteelSeries 1, the SteelSeries 7X, and the Audeze Penrose X. No matter which headset recommendation you choose, each of these will maximize your in-game audio and give you the best experience for your budget. Whether it be spatial audio, a great mic, or simply something that'd feel comfortable on your head without sacrificing function, we're here to make sure you find what you're looking for."


 IGN's Budget to Best series reviews the Audeze Penrose