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Audeze Partners with Chris Milk at Sundance Film Festival

Famed Audio Visual designer Chris Milk debuts his groundbreaking Virtual Reality system at the Sundance Film Festival with audio partner Audeze. The ongoing Festival runs through January 26th.

The revolutionary virtual reality system, the first of its kind, opens the floodgates for VR technology that will forever change the way people experience music, film and live performance. The project was realized in conjunction with Oculus VR, 3d-io and automobile manufacturer Lincoln.

Alex Rosson, Audeze CEO, said: “We’re honored to provide the headphones that are part of this breathtaking virtual reality experience. Our participation reaffirms Audeze's commitment to dissolving the barrier between performer and audience by advancing the way art and media are perceived by the user."

Oculus Rift’s Virtual Reality system makes it possible to be onstage with Beck, immersed in exciting sound and vision, making it easy to suspend disbelief and be one with the music. You can choose to leave the stage and roam around the audience… VR technology radically transforms the concert experience.

Milk captured the reimagined 1977 David Bowie song “Sound and Vision” using newly-patented technologies like full spherical image capture and 360-degree binaural/multi-aural audio recording. Reengineered for a virtual reality platform, the user can experience the first live-action film for the Oculus Rift VR headset as never before.

About Chris Milk
Chris Milk is an artist, director, and photographer who has created music videos for Kanye West, Arcade Fire, Johnny Cash, Norah Jones, Jack White, U2, Gnarls Barkley, Green Day, and many more. Known for his artistically and technologically innovative approach to cross-media storytelling, Milk’s acclaimed interactive projects include The Johnny Cash Project and Wilderness Downtown with Arcade Fire. His interactive installation artworks have been shown around the world including New York City's MoMA and London's Tate Modern.

Black Anodized Aluminum Rings

For various reasons, including overwhelming demand for our black anodized aluminum option, we no longer offer gunmetal gray aluminum rings on the LCD-X and LCD-XC.


Headphone Comfort Guide

The key to hours of comfortable listening to your LCD headphone is proper placement on your head. We want you to experience the best sound possible so we’re happy to announce that we’ve published the Audeze Headphone Comfort Guide here. Correct positioning of the headphones uses both the top of your head and your ears to evenly distribute the headphone’s weight. Read the illustrated Comfort Guide for precise instructions on finding your Audeze comfort zone.


LCD Earpad Update

When we created the LCD-3 we tested dozens of earpad foam products for comfort and a tight seal for our flagship headphone. We decided on an open-cell polyurethane that gives the LCD-3 earpads that incredibly soft feel and a perfect seal.

We’re happy to announce that now all three LCD earpads (the black lambskin of the LCD-2, the brown lambskin of the LCD-3, and the leather-free microsuede) benefit from the same superior foam product.  

The brown LCD earpads are a bit more expensive because the leather comes from a different source and is slightly thinner giving it an even softer feel.  

Our earpads aren’t just comfortable and luxurious, they also isolate against ambient noise with a tight seal that improves sound quality and delivers our famous Audeze bass.

Enjoy these earpads on all headphones found in the LCD collection.


The Closed Back is Here!

We’re proud to announce new products joining the existing LCD collection, the closed-back LCD-XC and open LCD-X. Both headphones benefit from a newly-developed and processed transducer made of a thinner and lighter alternative material featuring exclusive new Fazor technology.

Our patent-pending Fazor elements are unique to the LCD-XC and LCD-X and help guide and manage the flow of sound in the headphone. The result is improved phase response, greater frequency extension, smoother frequency response, and remarkable 3D holographic imaging.

The new transducer is specifically designed to work with a wide variety of sources. From portable players to studio use, their greater efficiency provides higher volume without a headphone amplifier, even though all LCD-series products benefit from a quality amp.

The LCD-XC and LCD-X enclosures are made from polished anodized aluminum with sloped earpads of either premium lambskin leather or a leather-free microsuede. The earpads are designed with specially-crafted foam offering the proper firmness and acoustic balance. The LCD-XC wood cups are available in hand-worked Bubinga, Purple Heart, Iroki or Walnut.

LCD-X headphones begin shipping October 25th and the LCD-XC in early November.

LCD2 Rosewood Price Increase

The Caribbean Rosewood ear cup option offered with our LCD2 headphones is arguably one of the most visual representations of Audeze’s unique and sophisticated approached to handcrafted design. After all, the Caribbean Rosewood LCD2s are what put Audeze on the map.

Unfortunately, due to both the availability of rosewood and the increased production cost of the wood itself, we are forced to raise the amount of the LCD2 Rosewood to a new retail price of $1,145.

While this increase has been a difficult decision for Audeze, it has allowed us to further re-evaluate our manufacturing ideals. As such, we will donate a portion of all future sales of the LCD2 Rosewood to Eden Projects in order to help preserve our precious resources.

Note: While the price of the LCD2 Rosewood has increased the LCD2 Bamboo remains at $995.

Website Migration

We're proud to announce a website redesign!  As we upgrade from our older site please bare with us as we update our content. We are working diligently on squishing bugs and adding even more content.  If you come across any issues, please let us know at

Audeze in Playboy

The LCD3 was recently mentioned in Playboy's 'MANTRACK: The Best of Everything.'

Playboy: "Luxury Listen - The most opulent headphones we've ever seen? The Audeze LCD3 with zebrawood earcups, lambskin cushions and 6.17-square-inch planar magnetic drivers that deliver the best audio we've heard from a headphone, they're like a Ferrari for your ears."


Unauthorized Dealers

Due to the nature of the goods sold by unauthorized dealers and their business practices, products sold by unauthorized dealers will not be covered under warranty by Audeze. We are using our best efforts to prohibit these companies from taking advantage of customers. We urge you to use caution when selecting a dealer to make your purchase.

Please contact us for verification of a dealer's status if you are unable to locate them here.
We cannot verify the authenticity of Audeze products purchased from unauthorized dealers. The current list of UNAUTHORIZED dealers:
  • Market Place Sellers
  • Over Stock
  • EBAY

When purchasing an Audeze product please keep all receipts as they will be needed for warranty services. When purchasing second-hand units you must have proof of the original purchase to have warranty service performed on your unit.

Anime and Fan Art

From time to time we receive emails regarding fan art for Audeze products. Interestingly enough, when we designed the LCD3 last year, we crafted a small anime friendly manual in a comic book style to go with each headphone. Unfortunately, due to time constraints the comic-book idea was scrapped. However, you can see some of the drawings from the initial concepts below. We’d like to thank Votexblast and Louis who created some absolutely stunning images.

Audeze LCD3 Anime ArtAudeze LCD3 LCD2 Anime ART

Audeze LCD3 Anime Art

Audeze LCD3 Anime Art