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The official podcast community of Audeze headphones. The Audeze Podbay represents the intersection of art, audio, and technology through a variety of original content featuring interviews, new music spotlights, and more. You can find out about new episode launches by signing up for our Audeze Insiders newsletter!

The Audio Prophet

Created by Jonathan Rowden, CEO and founder of Overworld XR productions, The Audio Prophet focuses on conversations with some of today's most innovative and forward thinking artists and entrepreneurs within the fields of audio and technology.

Music for the Headphone People

From Christian James Hand, KLOS DJ and creator of the widely popular The Session, comes this new podcast featuring all original music created by his friends and mixed/produced by himself! This is your chance to get exposed to music that you've never heard before, presented by a veteran of the music industry who had a personal "Hand" in its creation. Best listened to on Audeze headphones of course!

Episode 01: The Return of High Fidelity

The rise of the iPod marked the decline of the dominance of the Home Stereo. But as streaming audio dominates today, HD audio is making a comeback – and Apple should be worried. Mark Cohen of Audeze joins us to talk about the return of High Fidelity. Plus: Ground Zero for the Coronavirus is also the home of China’s punk scene, and why we’ve been KICKED OFF SPOTIFY…