A rapidly evolving technological landscape has produced unprecedented variety in the kind of content being created and in the platforms on which that content is being consumed. As a pioneering technology company, Audeze maintains constant research and development into new frontiers to ensure that we always provide our customers with world-class listening experiences that stride on the cutting-edge of innovation.

We created our iSINE line - the smallest and most portable planar headphones in the world - so  that our customers would not have to sacrifice audio quality for mobility.

We created our CIPHER Bluetooth Module so that our customers could enjoy the rich and engaging sound of our headphones along with all the functional utility they rely on to succeed in today’s fast-paced world.

We created Mobius, the world’s first truly 3D cinematic surround sound headset with built-in head-tracking and spatialization technology, so that our customers could experience audio on an immersive scale never before imagined.

Audeze creates more than just world-class headphones; we create experiences which shatter expectations, establish new frontiers, and illuminate the world on the true meaning of Uncompromised Audio.