Audeze sits down with the Mixing Master Andrew Scheps

June 29, 2024

Andrew Scheps has spent over 35 years in the industry and is a 3x Grammy award winning Mixer/Producer/Engineer/Label Owner/Software Developer whose credits are ridiculously long and star-studded. 

Andrew Scheps wearing Audeze LCD-MX4 at mixing table
"Since switching to the Audezes I’ve had almost no sonic comments on my mixes. What I’m hearing is translating perfectly." - Andrew Scheps 
Here's our chat with Andrew:
Can you pick out any highlights from your work that you're particularly proud of?

All of the records with Low Roar, a very important artist to me. Other than Low Roar, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, My Brightest Diamond, Hozier among others.

How would you define your main role on most of the projects you work on these days?


How did you get started in music? What kind of music did you listen to while growing up and how has that progressed?

Queen's "A Night at the Opera" was the first record I bought and loved (still do). Yes, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd. Also listened to tons of Jazz and Classical, Miles Davis being a particular favourite (I was a mediocre trumpet player).

Can you name any factors that influenced the course of your musical life? Heroes, role models, moments, interactions, etc?

Being able to work with producers like Don Was and Rick Rubin, all of the artists I’ve been lucky enough to be in the room with, and the amazing community of mixers that I get to interact with.

Can you briefly describe a moment of frustration from your past work, and what you may have done to overcome the obstacles? Would you approach it differently now?

Not really into the negative questions so much. When work is difficult, “the only way out is through."

Is there any gear you find yourself turning to most when working on a project? What are some of your favorite tools/instruments recently?

I mix 100% in the box, so my Apple computers, PMC speakers and my headphones.

Do you have any words of wisdom for people who might aspire toward a similar path for their own careers?

Only do it if it’s your passion, but if it is, just work to make the best music you possibly can, ignoring everything else (within reason).

How long have you been working with headphones, and how do you typically use them in your workflow?

I’ve been using headphones my entire career but I now use them at least half the time on any project and sometimes more.

How have your Audeze headphones affected your work?

Since switching to the Audezes I’ve had almost no sonic comments on my mixes. What I’m hearing is translating perfectly.

Can you tell us what you've been working on with them recently?

Hozier’s recent album “Unreal Unearth” and the EP “Unheard” which has the track “Too Sweet" on it which is #1 in the the US, Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand and maybe more!

Audeze LCD-MX4 headphones on mixing table