PurePlayStation Reviews the Audeze Mobius

October 05, 2020

"The look is sleek and understated. The pair I received is matte black with subtle gray accents. Branding is kept to a minimum with an “A” on either side and “Audeze” across the top of the headband. The company name is off-center which bothers me from a looks perspective, but the design is exactly what I want. I don’t like neon, loud colors in my AV equipment, although there are models with copper or blue accents for those who find the stealth look too tame."

Since good headphones are costly, I don’t buy a pair to solely game. I want to use them in multiple ways, so I started with music. I played something from every genre. Old Miles Davis tracks are incredible and triggered my bi-annual questioning of whether I like jazz after all. Tom Petty was singing the Wildflowers album in the same room as me. Eddie Kendricks groove and brass in “Keep On Truckin'”, Hooverphonic’s melancholy vocals, the electronic sounds of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart”, Johnny and June Carter Cash’s “Jackson”, Jay-Z’s “Can I Get A”, Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.”, and a lot of songs by The Beatles are just a tiny sample of what I tried. I lost hours just playing song after song to see how it would handle them, and they all sounded great."

"The Audeze Mobius gaming headphones are spectacular with almost everything I threw at them. From music to gaming to online chat, they shine. The 100mm planar magnetic drivers deliver clear, crisp audio with excellent separation for everything from your delicate highs to your booming lows. Combined with the ability to make changes on the included app and solid physical controls on the headphones, this is a compelling package. It won’t deliver true 7.1 audio on the PS4, but the gaming experience, like everything else on these headphones, is premium."