Positive Feedback calls CRBN "the most musical and lifelike electrostatic headphones on the planet"

Bob Levi wrote about the CRBN:

They crush the state of the art, and move headphone technology well into the future. 

How do they sound? The CRBN sounds like the microphone feed, absolutely real. Holistic and neutral, they yield zero detectable colorations, a reality I never before heard in musical reproduction, and no grain or electret character whatsoever. The CRBN represents and performs as a "breakthrough" design that brings the listener tantalizingly near to perfection and musical truth....

The experience of listening with these truly innovative electrostatics is immersive and magical. In my opinion, the CRBN from Audeze are the best electrostatics ever produced on our planet, and rival any other luxury, state-of-the-art headphone design, dynamic or planar, that I have auditioned in my half-century as an audiophile.

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