Penrose Awarded Editor's Choice by MP1st

October 18, 2021


"Audeze is back again with yet another headset, and this one is a tad cheaper, and is geared more for console gaming than its higher priced big brother, the Audeze Mobius (read our review of that here). While the Penrose is $100 cheaper,  it is stil an uncompromised premium headset that console users might want to take a look at. How does it perform? Read on for our in-depth Audeze Penrose review."
"Because of the price difference, the Penrose does have differences than its more premium sibling in a few areas, them being surround sound, 3D audio, and the head-tracking capability (a PC-only feature anyway) from the Mobius set.  I am a bit bummed out at the fact that there is no built-in 3D audio, although on both the Xbox and PS5, users can make use of the consoles’ onboard audio engine, such as Tempest or Dolby Atmos for 3D audio. These are great alternatives, and the PS5’s Tempest engine shines exquisitely with the Penrose’s 100mm planar magnetic drivers."

"So with the Penrose, we essentially have a stripped down version of the Audeze Mobius, built specifically for console players. What it lacks won’t be missed due to the systems offering those features, and coming in at $100 cheaper, this is easily one of the best, most affordable planar magnetic driver headsets out there. $300 places it right in that range of being a high-end gaming headset, and comparatively, that does put it in a position against some very tough competitors. However, none of them will produce the immersive quality you get with the Penrose, not as long as they continue using old standardized drivers.

Audeze may produce headsets that are well within the luxury pricing, but they do so knowing that they are producing some of the best on the market. And for console players out there, the Penrose is one of the bests that you won’t regret buying."