Forbes Reviews the Audeze LCD-1

July 18, 2020

"Planar-magnetic headphones are usually quite expensive but Audeze is a Californian company, based in Santa Ana, and is a pioneer in this field and now it has launched a stripped-down pair of planar-magnetic headphones at a price that’s about as low as it's possible to go with this advanced headphone technology. All the headphones that Audeze makes are designed and assembled at its factory in California."
"Audeze’s entry-level LCD-1 headphones feel well-made and they cover the ears completely with their circum-aural design. With a full 180-degree articulartion, the earcups can fold up nice and small to fit snuggly into the supplied hard case. These are open-backed headphones which means they leak sound as badly as my conservatory roof. If you sit next to someone wearing a pair of Audeze LCD-1, you’d probably feel like digging them in the ribs after a few seconds as everyone you will be able to “enjoy” their music too."
""Verdict: If you have your heart set on a pair of planar-magnetic headphones and really appreciate the clarity and dynamic range that the technology can produce, then these affordable Audeze LCD-1 headphones are probably the best on the market for the money. I really enjoyed listening to them, but I wouldn’t use them with a smartphone. Their open-backed design means they are only good for listening when alone and in a quiet place. If that sounds like the sort of headphones you’ve been looking for, the Audeze LCD-1 are bound to please you immensely and at this price they are a stealß."