Euclid Scores 9.7/10 From Hi Fi Trends

October 18, 2021

"So I’m sure you want to know “how does it compare to its larger over-ear siblings?” And the answer to that question is…amazingly well"

Paul Cash, Hi-Fi Trends

"As far as Soundstage and Imaging are concerned, I only have one word, and that’s stunning. The placement of elements within the mix was immaculate, both depth and width-wise. The width of the soundstage was also good, especially for an IEM. The soundstage was reminiscent of what I heard in the open-back Hifiman SUNDARA, which was surprising to me."
"I know when you have a pair of earphones that sell for $1299, there’s going to be some nitpicking about the performance of said earphones, and rightfully so. When you talk about the tuning of the Euclid, while it’s not perfect, it’s pretty damn close, outside of a little bit of edginess in the upper mids. Some people (like myself), are sensitive to too much of this, so its worth mentioning, even though I don’t think it’s a big issue here."

"That said, I feel the real story about these is how Audeze imported the “live” energetic performance, soundstage and resolving capabilities of their big LCD headphones into a pair of IEMs. I would even say they are more resolving than some of their full-sized offerings. This is nothing short of amazing. If you love the sound of high-end planar magnetic headphones, and want to bring it wherever you go, you need to check out the Audeze Euclid Closed-Back Planar IEM. It’s a great all-rounder that will make you want to listen to your whole album collection over again."