Attack Mag Names LCD-MX4 Top 10 Headphone for Music Production

September 14, 2020

"Audeze have been making waves in the headphone world with an approach to headphone design that includes flexible circuit material designed for NASA and magnetic planar drivers. These come together in the LCD-MX4, their studio-focussed unit. These open-back cans were designed for mixing and mastering applications, and feature a frequency response of 10Hz to an astonishing 50kHz. They also have a remarkably low impedance of 20 Ohms, although with headphones of this quality you’re likely going to want to pair them with an equally high-end headphone amplifier. As the over-ear LCD-MX4’s are for studio work, Audeze has designed them to be balanced, neutral, and transparent. They’re also incredibly precise and detailed, with a tight and fast response. While not the lightest headphones on this list, the carbon fibre band helps keep the weight down, while the leather-covered memory foam cups ensure comfort during long listening sessions. They come bundled with a 1.9m 1/4-inch to dual four-pin mini-XLR cable and a sturdy travel case. The Audeze LCD-MX4 headphones are extremely expensive, and thus out of the reach of most musicians and producers. But for the truly discerning professional, they’re something of a pinnacle of headphone technology.