Installation and Use of Audeze Ear Fins for iSINE and LCD-i Series

September 04, 2019

To install the ear fins:

  1. Remove any accessories installed on your earpieces. The fins will be used in place of the earhooks and/or earlocks.
  2. Match the Right and Left ear fins to the appropriate earpiece.IMG_20190823_140116.jpg
  3. Gently press and twist each ear fin until it seats all the way on each earpiece and locks over the clip-ridge, then install your chosen ear tip above the fin.IMG_20190823_140151.jpgIMG_20190823_140233.jpg
  4. Rotate the ear fin until it points down and backwards, approximately as pictured.IMG_20190823_145038.jpgIMG_20190823_140304.jpg
  5. Insert the earpiece into the appropriate ear, and rotate it slightly backward until it sits comfortably snug in your ear with the fin pointing roughly toward your ear lobe, in contact with your  concha bowl. You may need to fine-tune the rotation of the fin until you find the best position for the most comfortable and secure fit.