Brian Hunter of Audio-Head Discusses His Experience with CRBN Headphones at Audeze HQ

August 03, 2021

"Sonic retrieval is audibly different from your usual planar magnetic transducer, with some of the most superb instrument separation and overall clarity to be found with any reproduction technology. Spatial cues, a sense of musical layers and overall heightened holographic representation highlight the CRBN’s ability to make music in that unique way that only electrostatic headphones seem capable of."

- Brian Hunter, Audio Head


The Audeze CRBN Electrostatic Headphone hits the market. OC-based headphone maker Audeze is primarily known for its work in planar magnetic technology. Their long line of full size audiophile cans (and now IEMs) has produced some of the mainstays in top tier sound for audiophiles and production folks alike for years. The Audeze CRBN product announcement this week marks a first time departure from much of the heritage, branching out to another high end technology utilized in big ticket headphones – electrostatic drivers.

Check out the full experience Brian had with CRBN here