Audeze takes a pitstop to interview gamer SimRacingDream

January 25, 2024

 Simracingdream is a spirited simracer, fueled by a love for the fast-paced world of virtual racing. Come along as he describes his adrenaline-packed journey as a gaming enthusiast!
Simracingdream racing with Audeze Maxwell on
"Audeze Maxwell headset has improved gameplay by offering high-quality audio, surround sound for spatial awareness, comfort for long sessions.." - SimRacingDream
Here's our chat with Liam:
What is your screen name when streaming?


What channels do you stream/post to?




What are your favorite games?

Forza Horizon 5

Dirt 2.0

Wrc Generations

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Describe your gaming/streaming setup:
Enter my gaming world where excitement never ends! With a cool motion setup and flashy lights, every game is a thrill. Awesome sound and precise gear make every move feel epic. My wide screen keeps boredom away – I jump from game to game seamlessly. It’s not just a setup; it’s an endless fun zone where gaming never gets old. Welcome to non-stop excitement!
What does your day to day look like for you as a professional gamer/ aspiring professional gamer?
Day to Day is like being a kid where you get to create and engage with people across the world. It’s a fun environment where technology is ever improving. I'm excited to see where it goes.
What's the next piece of gear/software you want to add?
Hmmm I Have being lucky to work with some amazing companies have my dream setup. But, if I was to add some gear im thinking of building a second rig to alternate my content from to different rigs keeping it fresh and entertaining for audience.
Any events upcoming that you're getting prepped/ excited for?
No don’t really go any events. None are very close to me and my time is tied up creating. I do how ever go to a lot of car shows.
Do you have any pet peeves when gaming, streaming or working?
I will say this less is more, don’t burn out. Enjoy game stream a little. Some times we can get to caught up in it and never get off it.
What got you into gaming? Anyone you look up to?
Always being a bit of a gamer and as games have improved year on year it’s the best thing I ever did. I'm never bored. I don’t know how people don’t game. Yes I look up to myself, and always strive to be better do better year on year.
Progress = happiness.
Any words of wisdom for people who might aspire toward a similar path in their gaming career?
Yes, just do it don’t procrastinate. Some days will be good, some won't; some days might have viral videos some won't. The key is to enjoy it and consistency. Have fun that’s all that matters.
What have you noticed a change in your gameplay, since adopting the Audeze Maxwell?
Audeze Maxwell headset has improved gameplay by offering high-quality audio, surround sound for spatial awareness, comfort for long sessions, a clear microphone for communication, wireless freedom, durability, customization options, platform compatibility, and convenient in-line controls. These features contribute to a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.
How do your Audeze headphones affect your play/streams/work?
Investing in a quality headset has contributed to better audio, communication, and comfort, enhancing both gaming and streaming experiences.
Audeze Maxwell in Simdreamracing's setup