Select Audeze Artists comment on the LCD-5

January 25, 2022

LCD-5, The next generation of planar magnetic headphones

Gavin Lurssen
Mastering Engineer

(Foo Fighters, Ringo Starr, Krauss & Plant)

“What’s important to me when picking headphones, is the same set of standards as when picking speakers. The monitoring environment of a closed space is as important as the vibrational elements of a room when listening to speakers and in today’s world the headphone has become crucial and even dominant in monitoring various export formats of immersive mixes. The LCD-5 in particular lets me sit all day and sometimes all night too without any level of fatigue. I use the LCD-X as well but my go-to is the LCD-5 for its ability to leave me in this place after very long term listening, and the way its ergonomic design sometimes even lets me forget I have headphones on.”

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Gavin Lurssen on the LCD-5
Johann Scheerer on the LCD-5

Johann Scheerer
Music Producer and Engineer

(The Mars Volta, The Killers, Elbow)

“It took me a while until I realized how much I love the LCD-5. It‘s so different to my former favorite the MX-4. But now that I‘ve worked on a couple of recordings using the LCD-5 a lot I will take them anywhere! Especially because they are so unbelievably light. One time I started to have lunch with the LCD-5 still around my ears. I just forgot I was wearing them. The weight, the natural spectrum – definitely my go-to headphones for any situation.”

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Alan Meyerson
Audio Engineer

(Dunkirk, Dune, The Dark Knight)

“These are the “Goldilocks” of headphones. Just right. Clear open top end, warm lows, clarity. I can really hear inside my mix. The weight and the cushions are perfect. They’re also awesome just to sit around and listen to vinyl on.”

Alan Meyerson on the LCD-5
Federico Chiesa on the LCD-5

Federico Chiesa
Music Producer

(Oora Music)

“As a music producer who doesn't have a treated room, I rely massively on my headphones. Few years ago I invested in the LCD-2 and never looked back, until I had the chance to try the new LCD-5. While the 2s were already perfect for my needs, the LCD-5 managed to improve the overall clarity and definition of the sound. With them I feel even more comfortable mixing, knowing that my mixes will translate well in other systems. They are also smaller and lighter, making long sessions more sustainable. To me the LCD-5s are the best headphones you can buy.”

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Julian Lage
Guitarist and Composer

(Nels Cline, John Zorn, Bill Frisell)

“In addition to offering a mind-bogglingly intimate and musical experience of listening to recordings, the LCD-5s constantly teach me what to listen for as a player when I’m not wearing them! They set the bar so high in terms of revealing the sensuality and three dimensionality of recorded music that as a consequence, I look for these qualities in everyday life, with all sound. Additionally, their physical form is so comfortable that they really feel like an extension of me. The LCD-5s are truly transcendent."

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Julian Lage on the LCD-5
Hannes Beiger on the LCD-5

Hannes Beiger
Music Producer

(Cristian Vogel, M.I.A., Sound On Sound Magazine)

“Between the LCD-4 and LCD-5, Audeze have a flagship product that has proven a gamechanger in my creative work as an engineer and producer. Both models offer outstanding clarity and rendition of details. While the LCD-5 may have an edge in terms of midrange resolution, the LCD-4 offers a warmer sound picture with a stronger bass response, which is valuable in my work with electronic club music. I view both headphones as two sides of the same coin, and, most importantly, it’s a pure joy to listen to music with them.”

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Bill Frisell
Guitarist and Composer

(Paul Motian, John Zorn, Hal Willner)

“When I was a little kid I got my own transistor radio. I loved it. Went with me everywhere. Slept with it under my pillow at night. Wow. The joy and thrill of hearing new music for the very first time. Being transported into another world. Mind blown. That is the place where I want to be. I long for it. Listening now to Audeze LCD-5 headphones through a Linear Tube Audio MZ3 amplifier brings me right back to those wonderful moments. Mind blown. I’m so lucky. Thankful.”

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Bill Frisell on the LCD-5
Miles Okazaki on the LCD-5

Miles Okazaki
Guitarist and Composer

(Jane Monheit, Steve Coleman, Dan Weiss)

“Well, I guess this is the last pair of headphones I'll ever need. I can put on some densely layered music and hear every strata with clarity and accuracy, from a whisper to a roar. The space is huge and luxurious - there's enough room on the soundstage for everybody to have their own private, focused space (I live in New York, so that's a rare situation). Watching movies with these on is amazing, a new level of immersion. But the best thing for me is the feeling of wearing them. They are light and snug, and will stay glued to the cranium even if I have a wild take, thrashing around in the studio. It's like a Cinderella slipper for the fit, and a Bruce Lee punch for accuracy and power. The LCD-5s have jumped to the front of the line, and I plan to put them to work full time in 2022.”

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Chris Lightcap
Bassist and Composer

(Regina Carter, Craig Taborn, Nels Cline)

“Don’t get me wrong... I LOVE my LCD-Xs and they’re not going anywhere. But the LCD-5s add another level of presence, especially in the upper mids and top end. The soundstage is so vivid that I often find myself looking around, as if what I’m hearing is in the room with me."

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Chris Lightcap on the LCD-5
Nate Wood on the LCD-5

Nate Wood
Musician and Mastering Engineer

(Kneebody, Tigran Hamasyan, Donny McCaslin)

“I LOVE the 4z, but the 5s are a whole other level of resolution, accuracy and just a scary amount of detail. I feel as comfortable working on the LCD-5 as I do my studio monitors, and I don’t feel the need for any eq correction for mastering work. They just sound amazing and honest right out of the box. By FAR the best headphones I’ve heard."

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Paul Wells
Drummer and Educator

(Curtis Stigers, Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra, The Juilliard School)

“The LCD-5s prove that accuracy, musicality, and fun can all exist on the same plane. Coming from the LCD-2s, I notice much more detail and clarity, combined with a more transparent tuning. Although the 2s are tuned for a big and fun sound, the 5s let me hear enormous amounts of micro-detail in every recording I throw at them. The size and weight of the older LCD models never bothered me, but the 5s are feather light and can easily be worn all day. You’ll want to listen all day, too!”

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Paul Wells on the LCD-5