Audeze combines gaming and hi-fi together with The Odyofil

February 15, 2024

Hi, this is “The Odyofil” here. It means “The Audiophile” in Turkish. I’m an experienced audiophile with an electrical & electronics engineering degree, dedicating my life to the pursuit of the finest audio equipment.

Furkan wearing the Audeze Maxwell headset playing Elden Ring

"Maxwell is a gaming headset with the best sound quality you can truly expect from a wireless headphone." Furkan Satış
Here's our chat with Furkan:
What platforms do you stream/post your content? 

I consistently create content on YouTube for the past four years. Additionally, I engage with my audience on Instagram.

You can find me at: YouTube: Odyofil 

Instagram: TheOdyofil 

What are your favorite games? 

My top picks include The Witcher 3, the Counter-Strike, and the Spiderman | Miles & Morales Series. I also enjoy the GTA series and indulge in racing games like the Forza series. I like open World games.

What gear is important to your day-to-day work?

Essential gear for my daily work includes top-notch headphones, a set of Hi-Fi speakers (I’m addicted to listen them every morning with an esspresso before work), and audio recording equipment. I also care about a good OLED monitor for editing, a nice video camera and capable lighting. I prioritize quality to deliver the best content to my audience.

What's the next piece of gear/software you want to add?

The Audeze LCD-5 is next on my list. Having experienced its exceptional detail during a borrowed trial, I aim to add it to my collection for a more in-depth review after prolonged use.

Any events upcoming that you're getting prepped/excited for?

Absolutely, I'm gearing up for High End Munich 2024, scheduled between 9-12th May this year. It's an event I eagerly anticipate, providing a platform to explore and share the latest in audio technology.

When did you realize how important a good pair of headphones are?

In my childhood, I saved coins in a money box solely to afford headphones, realizing even then the significance of quality audio.

How does Maxwell work in conjunction with your music and gaming?

Maxwell is a gaming headset with the best sound quality you can truly expect from a wireless headphone. Been rolling with the Maxwell for about a month now, and let me tell you, gaming just hits different when sound quality takes the spotlight. Besides gaming, it is a rare gem in terms of being a bridge between the World of music and gaming. Very good detail retreival, immense resolution especially when using with the included usb dongle and high levels of sound output with very little distortion. It’s like having a good old hi-fi wired headphone. With all that, also the battery life is practically eternal.

What got you into the hi-fi audio world?

My journey into the hi-fi audio world began with a simple desire to expand my perception of true sound. This curiosity led me to explore the realm of audiophile headphones and speakers. During high school, I harbored a fervent wish to own a spesific $1000 in-ear monitor. Despite the financial challenge, my obsession persisted. Today i have that iem but i was not able to get it back then. It is a milestone for me that reminds me of the passion I had. Before graduation at the university, I designed a passive speaker and a Class-D amp for my final projects. As fate would have it, while working as an engineer, a company reached out to me one evening, after discovering my YouTube channel. Impressed by my expertise and knowledge, they offered me a role as a content manager—an opportunity I eagerly embraced. At this distribution company representing renowned audio brands worldwide, I then ascended to the role of brand manager for KEF, FOCAL, and more. The experience was a dream come true, involving close relationships with brand representatives, early insights into product releases, and direct training from engineers, at their factories. Yet, I ultimately realized my true passion lay in nurturing my YouTube community. Thus, I shifted my focus to creating more content and spreading the joy of true sound. Today, I am dedicated to expanding my YouTube family and relishing every moment of it!

Any words of wisdom for people who might aspire toward a similar path in their career?

For those aspiring to navigate a similar path, my advice is to stay true to your passion, consistently produce high-quality content that comes from your heart, and engage with your audience. Networking within the audio community is invaluable, and never stop learning about the evolving landscape of audio technology.

How do your Audeze headphones affect your play/streams/work?

If you're used to the fast ride of a good planar magnetic headphone, going back to an average dynamic driver is like switching from a 240 fps gaming setup to a 60 fps monitor – you'll feel the difference. Audeze is one of my favorite brands. In my listening sessions, I wouldn’t trade a fast transient response for anything else.

Furkan wearing the Audeze Maxwell headset at his gaming setup