Audeze interviews chart topping producer and mixer Dan Grech-Marguerat

February 27, 2024

Dan Grech-Marguerat is a UK-based music producer and mixer with close to 20 Number One records to his name. In recent years Dan has achieved international success working with artists including Halsey, George Ezra, The Killers, Lana Del Rey, Mumford & Sons, Sam Ryder, Tom Odell and many more.

Dan Grech wearing Audeze LCD-X headphones

"I love that that the LCD-X’s are not hyped in the lows or highs; they have excellent clarity while retaining the true picture of the mix." - Dan Grech
Here's our chat with Dan:
Can you pick out any highlights from your work that you're particularly proud of?

The Killers - The Man This was a mix that I’m told a few people had tried before I was asked to do my thing. With some additional programming and a creative mix it's one I’m super proud of. People often bring it up as one of their favourites. Lana Del Rey - Born To Die This album was such an incredible debut from Lana. I believe it's the biggest debut album of the decade by a solo female artist and the second-longest charting album ever on the Billboard top 200 album chart. I’m very proud to have been involved Tom Odell - Another Love I produced this song with Tom around 10 years ago, before I moved solely into mixing. It’s recently had a bit of a resurgence and has really connected with people all over the world finding a new young audience. It’s the most streamed song I’ve ever worked on.

How would you define your main role on most of the projects you work on these days?

As the mixer. Sometimes with additional production and additional programming, but I’m always mixing.

How did you get started in music? What kind of music did you listen to while growing up and how has that progressed?

My first experience working in music was helping engineer live FOH for new bands at my local music venue in my hometown when I was a teenager. After that, I moved to London when I was 18 and did two week’s work experience at Rak Studios. They then took me on as a trainee assistant. Back then I loved bands and alternative music. Over the years my love of pop music and electronic music developed and those worlds became a real passion especially as I moved more into mixing.

Can you name any factors that influenced the course of your musical life? Heroes, role models, moments, interactions, etc?

After working at Rak Studios for 4 years I spent the next few years working as Nigel Godrich’s assistant. Nigel taught me so much about taste, style, creativity and working relationships. All things you learn from people and through experience rather than schooling. I’ve got a lot to thank him for.

Is there any gear you find yourself turning to most when working on a project? What are some of your favourite tools/instruments recently?

I mainly mix in Pro Tools and so plugins are my go-to gear. Waves, Valhalla, Soundtoys and UAD are all essential mix tools for me. Some of my favourite outboard gear would be my Master Room spring reverb and my API lunchbox. For monitoring my Unity Audio speakers have now become integral to my mix process.

Do you have any words of wisdom for people who might aspire toward a similar path for their own careers?

Like with any art form, the more hours you put in the better you become. I taught myself to mix pop music. It just takes time and personal taste. Keep mixing song after song and you’ll get better and better.

How long have you been working with headphones, and how do you typically use them in your workflow?

I’ve been using headphones as a key part of my mix process for years. People used to think it was odd how much I relied on them as I spend half my day on speakers and half on headphones but I think it’s become more and more commonplace in recent years. So many music lovers listen to music on headphones and so it's super important that the headphone mix is spot on. Personally, I find it great for all the intricate details.

How have your Audeze headphones affected your work?

I’ve always spent a lot time working on headphones when mixing, but using my Audeze headphones gives me that extra level of detail that I’ve never had before. I love that that the LCD-X’s are not hyped in the lows or highs; they have excellent clarity while retaining the true picture of the mix.

Can you tell us what you've been working on with them recently?
Last year was a busy one and my LXD-X's were put to good use, especially on Kelsea Ballerini’s Grammy nominated album Rolling Up The Welcome Mat. 
More recently they’ve been used extensively across the new Giant Rooks album, the were really helpful on the Libertines upcoming record and also on Griff’s new album set for release later this year. 

Audeze LCD-X headphones on piano