Audeze catches up with electronic music producer Forbid

June 13, 2023

"If you’re looking for someone who loves to make sexy, sassy, queer, energy driven house to talk s**t in an interview then look no further! Hi, I’m Forbid."

Forbid in the studio with his Audeze CRBN headphones

"Having that kind of flat response and clean sound so I can hear exactly what is going on is so beneficial for me."  - Forbid
Here's our chat with Forbid:
Can you pick out any highlights from your work that you're particularly proud of?

Honestly my most proud work is yet to come, I’ve genuinely got the best family with my mentors Wh0 & manager George, they really push me and don’t let me half-ass stuff. But out of my current releases I would say: Werkserv, Pose Position, and my Better Day remix.

How would you define your main role on most of the projects you work on these days?

Executive producer, annoying pr**k in charge, but mainly just the man behind the beats. I’m also writing a lot more lyrics for artists recently which I’m very happy about, it’s so fun!

How did you get started in music? What kind of music did you listen to while growing up and how has that progressed?

I was really into dubstep & electro (s/o Skrillex I love u) in my teenage years, and I used to watch production livestreams from producers in the scene and thought “okay I wanna do this”, I opened up FL Studio for the first time when I was like, 16? Then immediately closed it out of fear HAHA, but I eventually bit the bullet and here we are!

Can you name any factors that influenced the course of your musical life? Heroes, role models, moments, interactions, etc?

The LGBTQ+ community in Manchester really shaped me into the artist I am right now, it’s a really expressive place and musically I can just do what I want and they just get it, y’know? People like SOPHIE, Skrillex, Timbaland are the producers I really admire. They have 0 fear to step outside the box, and that’s how it should be; there aren’t any rules when it comes to creativity.

Can you briefly describe a moment of frustration from your past work, and what you may have done to overcome the obstacles? Would you approach it differently now?

Oh honey I get frustrated every day. Getting that melody to sound right, processing that vocal correctly, mixing that strange percussion sound perfectly, it’s all fatiguing hahaha. BUT! Part of the process which overall, I adore. In the past I would have usually just scrapped the project out of frustration but you eventually realise some projects are a labour of (long) love. It’s a marathon, not a race.

Is there any gear you find yourself turning to most when working on a project? What are some of your favorite tools/instruments recently?

I’m very stripped back and basic when it comes to producing; trusty MacBook Pro & headphones. I’ve seen producers with the same set up as me make the wildest stuff you’ve ever heard, and producers with vast analog and hardware make… garbage. The occasional visit to the studio to check over those mixdowns is always on the cards though.

Do you have any words of wisdom for people who might aspire toward a similar path for their own careers?

Find your own style and shove it in everyone’s face unapologetically, build creative friendships, be fearless and please don’t compare yourself to other DJ’s/artists it’s genuinely a waste of energy. Most of all just have f***ing fun! If it’s not fun for you, it’s not gonna be fun for your audience.

How long have you been working with headphones, and how do you typically use them in your workflow?

Headphones are my primary referencing/audio gear for producing so, I’m VERY excited to get my hands on some more Audeze stuff and get these new tunes sounding extra fab.

Do you have any additional comments or stories you want to share?

If you’re reading, I love you but please stop asking me to play Britney Spears I’m going to go clinically insane.

How have your Audeze headphones affected your work? 

Having that kind of flat response and clean sound so I can hear exactly what is going on is so beneficial for me. Like, I’m still learning things everyday as I go along and these beauties just make the learning process so much easier.

Can you tell us what you've been working on with them recently?

Working on my own stuff, some stuff for other producers/singers/vocalists, and some for fun! Also an official remix for "Only You" was finished on these and it’s probably my favourite mixdown to date.

Forbid's Audeze CRBN headphones