LCD Collection | Audeze
The LCD-GX brings the signature Audeze LCD sound to the gaming industry, complete with crystal-clear voice chat for the serious audiophile gamer.
The LCD-4 is our reference headphone featuring unique Double Fluxor magnet arrays for the most powerful magnetic flux density in existence.
Featuring a new look and greater efficiency, the design and sound of the LCD-4z is sure to thrill! Engineered with a new magnesium housing to produce a light-weight, visually appealing headphone, the LCD-4z maintains the sound signature of LCD-4.
The LCD-MX4 headphones' lightweight design includes a durable magnesium housing with a carbon fiber headband. At significantly lighter weight than the LCD-4 model, the new MX4 is perfect for long mixing sessions and hours of critical listening.
The LCD-3 has been called the best in the world, delivering a supremely musical experience.
This limited edition LCD-XC with alligator leather is hand-crafted for Audeze by one of the premier luxury leather goods manufacturers, Jean Rousseau Paris.
The closed-back LCD-XC offers all the sonic thrills of the LCD Collection’s open designs while isolating the listener and reducing ambient noise.
The LCD-X is a very efficient headphone that extracts the maximum power out of low-powered amplifiers and portable devices.
The beautifully hand-crafted LCD-2 delivers audiophile quality, that articulates the power and nuance of your favorite music.
Building on the classic sound of the LCD-2, this closed-backed headphone offers a pure, authentic listening experience but with increased isolation and greatly reduced ambient noise.
The new LCD2 Classic headphone comes with a lightweight suspension headband, special composite rings, remodeled audio jacks, and features the slightly warm sound signature of the original LCD2 driver.
Revolutionary In-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone. Cipher cable available by request only.

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