LCD Carbon Fiber Headband, Leather


The LCD floating carbon fiber & leather headband provides comfort for hours of listening pleasure available for LCD series headphones.

A full instruction sheet and simple tools are included with each headband, to make changing bands as easy as possible. You can download the instructional PDF here.

Specifications and Construction

  • Materials - Carbon fiber, Genuine leather
  • Similar to the original headband included with LCD-4 headphones
  • Weight: 60g
  • Color: Black
  • Fits ALL LCD models (except LCD-1 and LCD-5)


Please note: The serial number of your LCD headphones is located on the headband. It is advisable to remove the serial number sticker from the old headband and replace it on your new one, or to keep the old headband in case of warranty service on your headphones.

The exact pattern and spacing of the perforations may vary slightly from the photo shown.