Standard and Extended LCD Yoke Rods


Sometimes it may become necessary to change the yoke rods on LCD headphones. We offer Standard length rods here, as well as 1” longer Extended yoke rods that allow the earcups to extend farther around the head for some models.

Please note these rods are for use on steel-yoke LCDs and are not compatible with LCD-1, LCD-GX, LCD-MX4, LCD-4z, LCD-24 or any magnesium models.

An instructional video to assist with replacement can be seen here.

3 ½” long (+1" longer than the standard rods): If you’ve wished your classic LCD headphones were a little bigger or looser-fitting, Audeze goes the extra step to assure your comfort.

Audeze yoke rods are fabricated in limited runs by a computer-controlled lathe. The rods are tumble-finished to smooth and polish any rough surfaces, then a finishing process called passivation strengthens the rods and protects them from corrosion.