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Extended Yoke Rods

Like the originals... just longer.


Occasionally we receive customer feedback that Audeze headphones fit a bit too snug. As a result, Audeze offers 1” longer custom-machined yoke rods that allow the earpads and drivers to extend farther around the head.

These 3 ½” extended yoke rods, like our standard yokes, are fabricated from aluminum in limited runs by a computer-controlled lathe. The process is as follows:

  1. Before each run trained machinists calibrate the computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes
  2. CNC lathes are programmed, set, and run through trials to ensure consistent quality
  3. CNC milling uses cutters that precisely remove material via rotating rods
  4. Cutting rods are tumble-finished to smooth and polish any rough surfaces
  5. A surface finishing process called passivation strengthens the yoke rods and protects them from corrosion
  6. A trained supervisor double-checks the parts

If you’ve wished your Audeze headphones were a little bigger or looser-fitting, Audeze goes the extra step to assure your comfort.

  • 3 ½” long (compared with 2 ½” for the standard pin)