Maxwell Firmware Change Logs



Release v1.0.1.61


  • Fixed: An issue causing tuning inaccuracies with some EQ presets has been addressed.
  • Modified: Changed the default auto power off to 1hr (from 5 minutes).
  • Modified: Removed the firmware rollback function to help prevent possible unit failure. The firmware reinstall function remains unchanged.



Release v1.0.1.56


  • Fixed: Added an additional Xbox security command check.
  • Fixed: When the headset was disconnected from low-latency mode and the sidetone's level was adjusted, re-linking in Xbox mode resulted in an incorrect sidetone level.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing sidetone on/off command from not working while audio was streaming.
  • Fixed: A condition that would cause Bluetooth playback from being disrupted if the dongle connection was lost.
  • Added feature: The headset can now be center-calibrated by double tapping on the outside of the left earcup (for head tracking functions in Dolby Atmos Renderer).
  • Added feature (Xbox): Added UI for sidetone volume displaying in real time on Xbox.
  • Modified (Xbox): Sidetone level converted into a percentage.




Release v1.0.1.51


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please upgrade to the newest version (80) of Audeze HQ before you install this firmware update. Be aware that this firmware release will require that you re-pair the wireless dongle to your headset after installation. Read our support article on how to re-pair here. Please email us at if you have any questions.

  • Fixed: A known issue that affected playback of audio when using the LDAC high res Bluetooth codec with user set EQ values.

  • Fixed: A bug that would cause intermittent audio when using EQ values while in AUX+Bluetooth simultaneous mode

  • Fixed: A bug that caused the mic to stop working after play/pause in USB+Bluetooth mode.

  • Fixed: An issue that caused volume syncing issues with some Android devices.

  • Fixed: An issue that would rarely affect headphone shutdown.

  • Fixed: A bug that stopped microphone input after a Bluetooth call while simultaneously in another call.

  • Fixed: A bug that affected the LED charging pattern behavior with some charging sources.

  • Fixed: An issue that would prevent the LED from turning off when charging the headphones in a low battery or power-off state.

  • Fixed: A bug that would disconnect the Bluetooth connection after a certain period of time if a dongle was in use at the same time

  • Fixed: A bug that, when adjusting system volume, if the “game” volume was set to 0, it would cause the “chat” output to be muted.

  • Fixed: An issue that would not properly unmute Windows system mic mute when the physical mute switch was flipped.

  • Fixed: A bug that caused the mic to mute and require a system restart when a Bluetooth call was answered while simultaneously using AUX or wired USB mode.

  • Fixed: A bug that would cause the headphones to restart when using the dongle and receiving a Bluetooth call, then switching back to the dongle.

  • Modified: Improved noise levels in some scenarios while sidetone is in use.

  • Modified: Improved the charging algorithm

  • Modified: Headphone transmission power improved, which should increase range in some scenarios

  • Modified: Reduced the gain of the boom mic analog connection

  • Modified: Removed headset media controls while using multiple connection types. For the majority of users, this helps avoid unwanted behavior to conflicts with which device is being controlled (i.e. pressing play/pause might pause one connection and play the other). Controls still function with single connection types.
  • Added Feature: USB and Dongle connections can now control the volume on Nintendo Switch

Known issues:

  • There are some volume level discrepancies between connection types in simultaneous modes. This is especially true of using a wired USB connection and Bluetooth simultaneously on PS5. The discrepancy of audio for AUX connections is affected by the line level output of the source device and may differ between devices. Caution is advised if using a simultaneous connection while using wired USB on PS5.

  • This firmware release will require a re-pairing of the dongle. Please see the support documentation on how to do this here.



Release v1.0.1.46



Today’s update adds new features and addresses a variety of customer concerns and bug fixes. Please take note of the known issues, especially if using LDAC on Android. Our development team continues to work to improve Maxwell and we will release another update as soon as we can.

  • Fixed: Bug that caused a brief noise when Bluetooth streaming connects over Dongle streaming.
  • Fixed: Bug that prevented the dongle from switching device types on some systems.
  • Fixed: Bug that appeared in PC sleep mode causing the dongle to connect and disconnect repeatedly.
  • Fixed: Bug that appeared on Samsung phones that prevented the mic from working properly after hanging up a phone call.
  • Fixed: Bug where in Dongle PC mode, sound card would mute when switching streaming to the other device and switching back. The headset would still play audio on Dongle PC mode with muted state.
  • Fixed: Bug that appeared after BT received a message notification that muted Dongle audio.
  • Fixed: Bug that prevented the Dongle from reconnecting to the headset when USB is plugged in.
  • Modified: Adjusted mic settings to improve battery life.
  • Modified: Increased amplifier gain.
  • Modified: Improved silence detection for auto shutdown.
  • Modified: Reduced duty cycle of the LED to improve battery performance.
  • Modified: Modified sidetone behavior to improve battery performance.

  • Added feature: Maxwell automatically switches to power-saving mode when AUX is unplugged, improving battery performance.



- Playback on Android via the LDAC Bluetooth codec is currently incompatible with the user preset EQ values and may result in audio stuttering, however, LDAC playback is working as regular with pre-installed EQ values (Audeze, Treble Boost, etc.)

- Although this has been improved, some customers report a low-level noise when sidetone is enabled. We are currently investigating this issue.


- During simultaneous AUX + Bluetooth mode, incoming calls will mute Bluetooth audio, which requires re-establishing the Bluetooth connection/power cycling the headset.

- When using AUX mode after first powering on Maxwell, the first volume adjustment is very steep and may result in volume levels that are uncomfortably loud until the volume is lowered. Subsequent volume level adjustments will work as expected. We recommend adjusting volume up/down for a few moments before placing the headset on the head or playing any audio through AUX connection.




Release v1.0.1.38


-Modified : Synced Game/Chat balance in USB & ULL mode.

1. By Race command.

2. By wheel.

3. Now resets both when one connects to the headset.

-Modified : DL gain in PS syncs with PC.

Based on 0dBFS 1KHz source. 105dBSPL.




Release v1.0.1.37



- Fixed: Bug where if the dongle lost connection in PS mode, the volume became low.


- Fixed: Bug where powering off state was sent twice.

- Fixed: Bug where the Extended Status event that indicates BT is disconnected after Powering off does not report properly.

- Fixed: Bug where delays in the Security Handshake are causing extra ACKs to be sent from the Host.



2023/03/7 (Maxwell Xbox only)




- Fixed: Device does not turn off after receiving “Off” from the host.

- Fixed: Properly sends reports for sidetone updates.



- Fixed: The dongle disconnects and connects immediately after plugging an AUX device in.

    - Plugging AUX into the headset will and should disconnect the dongle if there is one.

- Improved: Improved the sensitivity of wheel adjustments.

-Modified: Voice prompt adjusted down level 0 from -58.5 --> mute dB.






- Modified : Sidetone is set to off by default.

- Modified : Removed Bluetooth controls of play/pause/next/previous track when USB & BT are both active and USB mode is in use.

- Modified : BT Play/Pause is disabled when Dongle's slide switch is set to Xbox mode.

- Modified : Priority of LED when Line-in and Bluetooth simultaneously connected, and set BT LED first.

- Fixed : Xbox version, Reset priority of switching to PC mode.

- Fixed : Issue where the dongle would not automatically connect to PC under certain circumstances.

- Fixed : Bug where the LED displayed the wrong color due to a priority order change.

- Fixed : Bug where Bluetooth could not control play/pause when a wired connection was active.

- Fixed : Bug where the mic would still pick up audio on PC if the mute switch was down.

- Fixed : Select 24bits/96KHz in USB mode noise issue.

- Canceled : Amplifier gain limit.