Audeze HQ Change Logs


  • Improved an issue causing a volume imbalance between left and right channels when the volume limiter function was enabled
  • Improved stability of custom EQ adjustment sliders
  • Improved headphone detection speed upon startup
  • Modified minimum battery requirement for firmware updates from 50% to 20%
  • Other minor bug fixes



  • Various bug fixes



  • Added an in-app notification when new Audeze HQ versions are available
  • Added a warning dialogue when there is a firmware mismatch detected between the dongle and headset
  • Fixed a crash condition for Mobius Link Mode
  • Redesigned the dialogue boxes on many screens
  • Other UI fixes
  • Other bug fixes


  • Added command buffering for improved performance
  • Improved stability of EQ band adjustment to prevent UI freezes
  • Disabled App Nap and auto sleep during FW update


  • Minimize function added during FW update
  • Added FW rollback feature
  • Fixed crash condition for macOS 10.13
  • Updated OpenSSL for Windows


  • Updated Auto Shutdown function for better performance


  • UI Improvements
  • Added FW patch notes link


  • Added Dongle pairing function to HQ
  • Added support for high DPI on Windows through a new shortcut


  • Fixed FW update for users with non-latin usernames on Windows


  • Changed FW update function to standalone for dongle updates.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added function to save and load EQ files


  • UI changes
  • Reworked implementation of data reading from Maxwell
  • Large performance improvements
  • Added custom EQ bands to Preset functions


  • Fixed a bug that would show success instead of fail on dongle FW update timeout


  • Changed how many clicks it takes to force firmware update


  • Changed Maxwell UI to default if no other Audeze devices are found
  • Added force FW update feature\
  • New volume limiter values


  • Fixed crash condition while updating FW under macOS
  • Various bug fixes
  • Various UI fixes
  • Added factory reset function