World Wide Stereo Names Audeze Mobius Best Gaming Headphone

June 19, 2020

"There’s a night scene in Battlefield I, a solo recon mission in a sleepy French village filled with enemy soldiers. Alone, you crawl head-down through a backyard, hoping to make it to that old red barn before anyone sees… wait. STOP. Is that a dog growling… behind you? "

"If you’re a gamer, you know how tense things get – and how life and death can depend on what you do, or don’t, hear. Clearly, the folks at Audeze not only get it, they bring it to life with a phenomenal pair of fully immersive, head-tracking, 3D wireless headphones made for today’s top games. And by “immersive,” we’re talking integrated head tracking that tracks even your tiniest head movements – 1000 times a second. Warning: highly addictive– and worth every nickel."

World Wide Stereo Names Audeze Mobius Best GamingHeadphone