Wired Review: Audeze LCD-1

September 29, 2020

Wired Review: Audeze LCD-1

"For years, I was convinced nobody could make a better sounding pair of sub-$500 headphones than the Sennheiser HD-6XX, a special collaboration between the German audio brand and Drop that I still maintain are amazing."

"The LCD-1 sound better, with anything, anywhere. I tested them using Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and a record player. I used them as reference headphones when recording. I even kept them plugged in when playing video games like Grand Theft Auto Online (91.1 The Lowdown, the soul station narrated by Pam Grier, is the only choice for any self-respecting criminal, and it sounded better than ever)."

"They’re energetic, they’re clear, and they have a massive soundstage that makes you feel like a tiny band is surrounding your ears. It’s not totally flat or sterile sound, either. I often found myself dancing at my desk like an idiot, propelled into motion by the tight, vibrant sounds of some Vulfpeck song or the like."

"They have indescribable magic, and they make you want to share. I've thrust them on the head of everyone in my quarantine bubble, exclaiming, “You just have to hear these."

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