"the quality is clearly there," Says Gearspace of MM-500

September 12, 2022

"The quality is clearly there,"

Graham Whelam, Gearspace

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"The only negative I can think of is at first I found the MM-500's clamping pressure to be a little on the strong side but after a short amount of time I didn't notice it anymore. For me I’d still class them as comfortable. Your mileage may vary with this of course because obviously it all depends on individual head size but i felt it was worth mentioning.

So all things being subjective, I advise you to try them out for yourselves. Yes, you can call them a bit pricey but I noticed Audeze has an interest free pay monthly option available on their website so that's also a possibility. In my opinion they deliver exactly what they say they do and the quality is clearly there. I can't imagine many MM-500 buyers regretting their purchase, and they should sell very well. Highly recommended!"


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