The Master Switch Names Audeze LCD-1 9th Best Over Ear of 2020

May 26, 2020

"If you like the idea of portable high-end headphones but aren’t swayed by the bulky HiFiMAN DEVA above, then the AUDEZE LCD-1 are worth a serious look. They don’t have the DEVA’s Bluetooth, but they are significantly lighter—and crucially—can fold up (AUDEZE are known for making massive headphones, so the LCD-1 are a welcome exception). We don’t think they sound quite as good as the DEVA, with slightly dryer bass and a reduced soundstage, but they still have plenty going for them—chiefly in the upper mids, which sound warm and engaging. These headphones respond exceptionally well to genres like rock and acoustic and should be high on the list for anyone who enjoys vocals."

"What we have trouble getting behind with the AUDEZE LCD-1 is the open-back design. We have yet to find a pair of portable headphones that can justify having an open back, which can generate huge sound leakage, annoying those around you. A closed-back version of the LCD-1 would be much better, but sadly, they don’t exist yet. But there still is a lot to like here, and the LCD-1 are a solid pair of high-end headphones at a reasonable price point."

The Master Switch Names LCD-1 9th Best Over Ear of 2020