"the Euclid simply performs exceptionally," Says Headfonia

June 08, 2021

"The Euclid is Audeze’s first planar magnetic IEM which has a closed back design. The miniaturized 18mm single planar magnetic driver has no crossovers and that, according to Audeze, is resulting in superior cohesion across the entire frequency spectrum. The Euclid is engineered for an incredible 105 dB/mW efficiency and a max SPL well over 120dB, which is pretty impressive."

"Design-wise I like these IEMs: smooth edges, discrete L/R markings, a pretty face plate and eye for detail with a golden ring in the middle of the shell. The nozzle size is reasonably normal. The length is actually short, but because of the typical design of the shell, it looks quite long. The width of the nozzle is quite large, so this should be taken into account if you have small canals, especially of you want to use foam tips."

"Bass actually is really nice with both type of tips and the main difference is in the overall weight and impact and the body of the mids. The foam tips will give you more of that and they sound a bit warmer where the silicone tips have more clarity and as such make the detail retrieval more apparent.'

"All-in-all the Euclid is a very good sounding monitor that sounds nothing like a closed monitor and that’s a major achievement. To be honest, when I first heard about this unit’s price I was a bit shocked, but after having listened to the Euclid for multiple week, I can only say I am impressed."

"Treble is clear, precise and spacious, but it doesn’t have the energy and extension as other high end models do. Treble is natural though, so it’s nice and soft to the ears. Treble is never sharp, harsh or overly present. For me the treble tuning is safe in all ways. So easygoing treble, not offending anyone and I am sure it will please the largest group of IEM listeners."

"The Audeze Euclid is an IEM that grew on me quickly as it looks great and sounds excellent. For a closed back IEM, the Euclid simply performs exceptionally. If you don’t know it is a closed back IEM, you probably would say it’s an open back one, it’s that open and spacious sounding."

"If you like the typical planar magnetic driver sound and dig a neutral and technically strong tuning with a musical delivery (who doesn’t?), then the Audeze Euclid certainly is an IEM to audition. I’m a fan of the previous IEMs Audeze has produced, and I am adding this one to that list. Before I listened to the Euclid, the price tag seemed a bit high to me but after multiple weeks of listening I can only conclude that the Euclid easily has the sound quality needed to defend this price tag. Audeze has delivered yet another high end, top quality IEM. I for one, look forward to see what they come up with next."