"The best gaming headset I have ever had the opportunity to own and review" says IGC of Audeze Mobius

May 04, 2021

"We all need headsets or wireless earbuds, to listen to our games, music, tv, or movies in the privacy of our own space, without others interrupting us, or us disturning them. There are some great brands on the market, Razer, EPOS (formally Sennheiser), SteelSeries, Plantronics, Corsair, Sades, and many more. For this review, I am checking out a brand called Audeze and their HIGH-END Mobius Immersive 3D Cinematic Audio Headphones which cost an eye-watering £399.99."

"First off, it is a very comfortable headset to use after a while, after a while you ask, well the headset requires some usage, to soften to memory foam and allow some give on the headband. The headband might look like there is not much padding there, however, it is more than enough for your needs. The memory foam used for the earcups, in the end, becomes softer, snug, and a delight to wear. Earcups are leatherette, but there are alternatives, but no soft material version. If you wear glasses, you might have some issues to start, as you are aware many headphone manufactures do not consider us as a priority when it comes to the design of a headset."

"Drivers, WOW, 100mm, the biggest drivers I have ever heard of or owned. Normally we get a 40mm or 50mm dynamic driver, these are planar magnetic drivers, and this headset was the first in the world to have them at the time. From what they say these drivers use a magnetic field to generate a more accurate sound, and by golly, do they, just WOW."

"These headphones have it all and they are impressive but also useless at times. The Mobius uses Waves Nx which offers a way to create a virtual environment (like a room) with head tracking incorporated into its design. Let’s give an example, say you are in a room with real speakers, that are set in front of you. You stand dead centre/middle of the room, this will allow the speakers to pass sound equally between your ears. Now if you turn your left ear towards the speaker, the sound will be louder in that ear, compared to your right ear, same if you do it the other way around. This is what head tracking simulates in a virtual environment. By pressing the 3D button on the headset, sets a point in front of you and places the sound there (like a set of speakers)."

"If you want to you can be mesmerized by the 3D head which moves in time with you showing how good the software is. You can also view the sound level, 3D options, and battery level. When it comes to battery life, you should get around 9 to 10hours of playtime with them before you need to recharge them again, which is more than enough time for any avid gamer."

"After you have updated, input your head measurements, just for the fun of it, how does it sound? BLOODY AMAZING, possibly the best gaming headset I have been treated to. Spending £399.99 on a headset is to me a lot of money, and possibly to a lot of other gamers, but you are truly getting your money’s worth, is it better or on par with the HyperX version which is cheaper? I have no idea and don’t care.  You will hear Mids, Lows, Highs, perfect, extremely clear and precise. Even when using 5.1 and 7.1 the bass is not top-heavy, you can hear and pick up the sounds of footsteps, whistles, and much more with pinpoint accuracy. When running with a VR headset everything becomes more visceral."

"Should you buy an Audeze Mobius, good question, it is by far the best gaming headset I have ever had the opportunity to own and review. Offers head-tracking, the best audio experience, the biggest set of drivers and software to personally customise. Now here comes the headsets that I feel may not offer up all the bells and whistles but are good, Razer BlackShark V2, EPOS GPS 601 or 670, SteelSeries Arctis Range, each of these is great and cheaper. The HyperX Cloud Orbit S is a cheaper option, but you do lose Bluetooth connectivity, and I have no idea how it sounds. For console users, you might want to check out the Audeze Penrose, or any official headset from Sony and Microsoft."