Slashgear Tests Out Maxwell Gaming Headset

October 02, 2023

"Audeze Maxwell Review: Wireless Gaming Headset Delivers A Very Nice Surprise"

Rob Rich, Slashgear

"Ultimately, I can't tell you whether or not the Audeze Maxwell Wireless Gaming Headset is a must-have pair of headphones or if you could do better at a similar price point. What I can say for sure is that I came away much more impressed with them than I had originally anticipated and that my experience with them has been even better than what I thought was an already great experience with one of this headset's contemporaries: the Logitech G Astro A30 gaming headset. Whether or not the Maxwell Gaming Headset is worth its $299 asking price (on Amazon) is up to you to decide, based on what you want and need from your headphones. But in my opinion, I think they're a darned good pair of quality audio equipment — both from a listening and a recording standpoint. I still have my nitpicks to be sure, but as far as I'm concerned this is the best pair of high-end (or at least higher-end than most people use regularly) headphones I've encountered so far."