"Serious bang-for-the-buck for audio-conscious gamers" Says CE Pro of Audeze Penrose

February 19, 2021

"The closed-back Penrose headset itself is quite feature-rich, with its most notable and unique feature being its 100mm planar magnetic transducers, which allow the headphones to deliver fast transient response capabilities and high levels of upper frequency extension. While that may sound like a fancy thing to include in a pair of gaming headphones, the technology does allow the Penrose to be used extremely well as a pair of closed-back wireless headphones for music listening. "

"After gaming with the headset for 100 hours and listening to music for another 50 hours, I’m happy to report the Penrose delivers on its core promises. While gaming via the wireless dongle, I never found myself missing the cable connection or audio quality of my Astro A40TR’s, and when using the Penrose on PC I appreciated the software and EQ customization options which allowed me to create specific profiles for the various games I tested. Audio quality when connected via a 3.5mm cable is virtually indistinguishable when directly compared to Bluetooth, thanks to the headset’s inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0 support."

"Despite Audeze’s claim that the microphone is “studio quality”, I never felt like the mic was capable of producing anything more than the standard slightly compressed sound most gamers have grown accustomed to. I wouldn’t count this as a major negative though as gaming headsets have almost universally bad microphones compared to professional systems."

"All told, I’m very impressed with the package Audeze has managed to create for gamers. Without having to sacrifice the audio quality of wired gaming headsets, the Penrose surpasses many considerably more expensive alternatives while also coming packaged with multi-device support and some of the most intuitive controls I’ve experienced. Integrators with customers interested in creating a gaming room should strongly consider stocking the Penrose in its two available versions, and gamers looking for an all-in-one, high-end headset need to look no further."