POC Network Review the Audeze LCD-1

October 29, 2020

"It is pretty clear that we enjoyed these headphones. For an entry-level pair of headphones covering audiophile listening and planar magnetics, these really hit the nail on the head. The price point is well fit and their range is fantastic. They compete well with brands of similar reputation and price. Best driver by a propper headphone tube or DAC amplifier, we fell in love with these. Again, everything we mention, score, and all are all based upon price point and performance. Sure, we have heard better. However, better usually means a lot more when it comes to price. These make for one of our planar favorites within the $300-$500 range."

"At this point, Audeze doesn’t need much of an intro. If you are familiar with terms like planar and audiophile, chances are, you are already familiar with the brand and some of their products. We have even discussed them in the past with models like the Mobius Gaming Headset. This round, however, we are focusing on their Audeze LCD-1 Wired Headphones. A wonderful entry-level pair of headphones for both the audiophile world, as well as their LCD lineup in general."

"The highs are crisp and clear, the mids are balanced and the lows are too. The lows lack some of the deep low-end we are normally used to in some of these planar options, but still provides enough to put a smile on your face. It’s just the subsonic range we are missing with this model. Something you’d likely see moving up to something like the LCD-X model or the LCD-4 model (given, that is pure speculation as we haven’t listened to them). This is also partly because of the open-back design as you do get a lot of leakage with this style."