"One of the best sounding headsets we've ever tested," Says T3 of Audeze Penrose

April 08, 2021

"The Audeze Penrose X Wireless gaming headset comes with serious audio lineage, and while it does many things right, it is also less than perfect in others. In the gaming world, with competition so tough, straddling that line is a hard place to be. "

"Audeze seems to have done it the other way around, prioritizing sound quality above all else including comfort. The Audeze Penrose X Wireless gaming headset sounds fantastic, better than any other gaming headset this writer has tested. The same can be said for its mic and soundstage, which at its unprocessed form is wider than anything else we’ve come across."

"On paper, it also seems to tick off all the elements that make for a comfortable keyboard – soft memory foam earpads, a good amount of swivel and some tilt on its ear cups, and an adjustable headband. Sadly, this didn’t translate when we put them on our head for the first time."

"Another thing that’s not intuitive is Bluetooth pairing. To be fair, once you figure it out and get the hang of it, it’s easy enough to do. The voice prompts also help in letting you know what mode you’re on. However, whereas other headsets make the process easy, this one forces you to perform a two-step process: first, you have to cycle through the multi-function button to get to the Bluetooth mode, then you have to press the power button twice to put it in Bluetooth pairing mode."

"Speaking of versatility, the gaming headset also comes with multi-platform compatibility. It’s designed specifically for Xbox, making it ideal for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. However, it also works for Windows 10, which means that PC gamers can enjoy its aural wonder just as well as Xbox gamers. The USB wireless receiver actually has a switch so you can toggle between two platforms, depending on which one you’re using."

"With the Audeze Penrose X Wireless, you’re getting that same impeccable quality that Audeze is known for in a $300 headset. This may be the brand’s cheapest headset, but there’s no compromise on sound quality here."

"The level of audio quality and immersion it delivers alone is enough to justify that high price tag. After all, audiophile sound never comes cheap. Factor in the fact that it’s extremely versatile, with multiple connectivity options and multi-device compatibility, and there’s certainly great value in it. Even though it is one of the most expensive gaming headsets out there."

"If what you care most about is having glorious, impeccable sound that would impress even the most discerning audiophiles, as well as incredibly wide soundstage, then you’ll be more than happy to pay that $300 price tag. Just be prepared to give them some time to bed in."