"One high-quality piece of tech," Says GeekDad of Audeze Mobius

July 12, 2021

"Let me be very clear: the Audeze Mobius headset is one high-quality piece of tech and you know it the moment you take it out of the box. My first impression looking at it was that the Audeze Mobius is a sleek tank. Big, well-built, with an amazing list of features packed inside of it. When you pick it up you will immediately feel the substantial 350g of weight but surprisingly the Audeze Mobius fits soft, snug, and light on your head. I walked around my entire house with it on gaming for several hours without feeling any discomfort. "

"The faux leather earpads come with a very generous amount of memory foam to keep things soft but the faux leather can get a little sweaty after long use. Not only did I enjoy the way the Audeze Mobius felt on my head I really enjoyed the sounds it was pouring into my ears while it was on."

"Now for the super fancy stuff. The Audeze Mobius has internal gyroscopes that track your head movements to give an amazing immersive experience. This is felt deeply when playing Resident Evil Village or Red Dead Online."

"Audeze is currently running a deal where if you purchase the Mobius from their website you can get a free copy of Resident Evil Village. This makes for a great combination. The atmosphere in Resident Evil Village is the perfect playground for the Audeze Mobius. The sound while playing Resident Evil Village was so immersive I simply got lost playing the game. Switching back and forth between Stereo, 3D, and 7.1 modes gave me a real flavor of the capabilities of this headset. The head tracking in 3D mode was noticeable and preferred for me. Being hunted in the village and the castle was really heightened by the ability to feel things move around you."

"One of the most important elements to getting the Audeze Mobius to perform optimally is using the Audeze HQ Gaming App. The App allows you to zero in on the best settings that work with your particular head circumference. You can also jump around between the different modes within the Audeze HQ Gaming App. I spent a great deal of time bouncing back and forth between Resident Evil Village and the app to try out different atmospheres like 7.1 Surround and 3D sound. Even though the Audeze Mobius works fine without the software I cannot imagine not using it in a PC setting."

"The Audeze Mobius is an amazing piece of gear and I am hard-pressed to name a better gaming headset at this point. The $399.00 price point may scare a lot of people away but I cannot emphasize more that this is a Ferrari and not a Corvette. The Audeze Mobius has so many amazing features packed into it that you will not feel like you left anything behind. If you want high-end fabulous sound and construction look no further."