Nerd Stash Reviews the Audeze Mobius

September 23, 2020

"If you want a truly quality headset for gaming that has all the bells and whistles, the Audeze Mobius headset may be your best choice. Not only does it offer a lot of “stuff”, but it also sounds pretty amazing too!"

"There is more than one way to connect this headset! It comes with a USB-C cord, a USB-C to USB-A cord, and a 3.5mm cord.  And, if you prefer you can connect through Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity (with SBC, AAC, and LDAC support). The Audeze Mobius headphones process up to 8 channels of Surround Sound audio with Head Tracking thanks to the Waves NX™ Technology. With these headphones, you will experience a true surround sound experience. One thing to note is the fact that you must be connected with wired USB to get 5.1 and higher surround sound. The head-tracking technology will track a subtle change in the movement of your head bringing a listening experience that emulates reality. This will come in very handy when trying to find your opponent in a game. Another great sound feature is the Audeze Planar Magnetic drivers.  These will bring an amazing sound quality that is out of this world! If you need to make sure to drown out all the noise around you, no worries there! You can almost close your eyes and forget where you are with the isolated sound."

"The design of this headphone set is made of matte black plastic with your choice of silver, blue or brown (metallic) accent colors. To look at it, you would not necessarily think of it as a “gaming headset” but don’t let looks deceive you."