LCD-2 Review from Audio Advice

March 18, 2020

In this comprehensive review of the LCD-2, Audio Advice takes a look at the history of Audeze and the tradition of excellence that got us where we are today.

"The LCD-2’s open back design made the guitar’s orientation in the left stereo field sound “wider,” “bigger” and more real with a sense of presentation that sounds like a live band."

"...the LCD-2’s proprietary planar magnetic drivers presented accurate low-end frequencies with near-zero distortion and tight resolute bass that stood out impressively on the bassline in this recording." 

"...if you’re a music lover who likes getting lost in the music, and if you prefer to listen to the most subtle details and dynamics that really draw you into the music, gosh, who wouldn’t choose these?!"

You can read the full review on the Audio Advice website!