LCD-1 Snags Best Headphone for 2021 Honors from eCoustics

June 08, 2021

"One brand that understands that there has been a quantum shift in listening habits is Audeze. Not only have they continued to develop state-of-the-art products, but they have focused heavily on the gaming segment and that was clearly the way to go considering how many millions of people play daily. I’ve raised 3 avid gamers, so I know the drill. So does my bank account."

"Audeze has made huge strides in that department but it made me rethink the idea of dropping $3,000 on a pair of headphones unless they were very lightweight – and super comfortable to wear for much longer stretches of time."

"The LCD-1 are nowhere near $3,000; their $399 price tag makes them very competitive in the open-back planar magnetic category. These are some of the best headphones for 2021 if you want a planar design that are lightweight and portable."

"They are also very easy to drive and the most comfortable pair of headphones from the brand that I’ve ever worn. Not only is the midrange resolution and detail superb – but these headphones recreate a huge soundstage. Impressive for the money. $399 at Amazon."