HiFiNext Awards Audeze LCD-1 "Our Choice" Designation

May 04, 2021

"Audeze LCD-1 is a foldable, full-size headphone. They weigh 250 grams: average for similar headphones on the market, but for the Audeze family they are just a fluff. It should be noted right away that there is no Bluetooth connection, no built-in microphone, no active noise cancellation system in the model. Before us is a real classic, addressed primarily for whom sound is important, and not fashionable electronic gadgets. Let’s say more: the headphones have emitters of an open design, and therefore, on noisy city streets or in the subway, being alone with music will definitely not work. The point of this design solution is to give priority to sound. Let’s try to figure out how this all as a whole influenced the sound and practicality."

"Of course, the main feature of the model is magneto-planar emitters. The developers have implemented a bunch of advanced proprietary technologies. The main one is called Ultra-thin Uniform, it is in accordance with it that ultra-thin polymer membranes are made, directly on the surface of which a layer of conductor is applied, which acts as a sound coil. Interestingly, the width of the tracks differs in different places to compensate for the inhomogeneity of the magnetic field. In turn, this field is formed by the Fluxor magnetic system, consisting of thin bars of high-grade neodymium alloy N50."

"The Audeze LCD-1 have shown just the same monitor accuracy and pedantry. They presented the insinuating vocals of Sade extremely carefully, without the slightest distortion of intonations and smoothing out the overtones. At the same time, sharp instrumental intros were worked out with excellent dynamics practically throughout the entire range."

"Low frequencies should be noted separately. There is no shortage of them, but the excessive massiveness, which other brands sin, is here replaced by a high attack speed and excellent controllability. Also worth noting is the fairly flat mid/low range overall, which provides excellent intelligibility, clarity and precision required for studio work, and also makes the Audeze LCD-1 genre neutral."

"Audeze LCD-1 – lightweight and quite compact headphones for conscious connoisseurs of the right sound. They sit very comfortably, they are convenient to carry and use with mobile gadgets, but the open design does not imply listening in the subway or on a noisy street – this is probably the only thing that should be kept in mind. It is also worth noting the extremely comfortable sound, which allows you to spend a lot of time listening to completely different musical material"
"Audeze LCD-1 combine so many attractive features that even after our detailed and lengthy test they seem like something fantastic. This model simply has no direct competitors. All possible alternatives in any case loses by the totality of qualities: price, technology, sound quality. Audeze LCD-1 is a real gift for both professionals and audiophiles."