Headphone Review Takes on the Audeze LCD-4

September 14, 2020

"The demand for audiophile-grade headphones is increasing day by day. There are a lot of new brands that are manufacturing audiophile-grade headphones, and some of them gained much popularity with time. Audeze is a modern American brand that started its journey in 2008 and is now a well-known brand among audiophiles for its high-quality top-of-the-line headphones. The Audeze LCD 4 Over Ear Over-Ear is a premium “no budget” audiophile headphone from Audeze. It is a flagship that will cost you around 4000 USD. It promises to deliver you the best and unmatched audio experience. Let’s see what these headphones are capable of."

"This headphone has a reliable build quality with polished metal and wood design. The carbon fiber headband adds a punch to its overall aesthetics. The headphone is a bit on the heavy side; it might get a bit comfortable after an extended period of use. The overall quality of this headphone is a display of fine craftsmanship and of cutting-edge technology."

"The Audeze LCD 4 Over Ear features Audeze’s signature planar magnetic drivers, which provide superior frequency response and better overall dynamics. These drivers are thin and fragile. These are nano grade drivers, and they are powered with neodymium Double Fluxor magnets, which manage the power delivery accordingly."

"The sound staging is also just amazing, one of the bests out there. It will give you “live music” feeling as if you are listening to your favorite band live sitting in the front row. This sensation is something most of the headphones fail to deliver, but not Audeze, though."

"This is one of the finest pieces of tech that money can buy. It has its flaws, and clearly, it is not for everyone. So, although this headphone might be expensive, you won’t be disappointed with the purchase if you are a genuine headphone enthusiast."