"frighteningly close to being the perfect headphone " Says Ear Fidelity of LCD-X

October 18, 2021

"Audeze has created a monster of a headphone with the new LCD-X 2021"

Pawel Szacho, EarFidelity

"What’s changed you’ll probably ask. Well, compared to the original LCD-X…basically everything has changed. The headband is now this suspension type, which is way better when it comes to ergonomics. Additionally, the magnets array has been reworked to reduce the weight of the headphone, while maintaining the highest possible quality. Additionally, the newest version is tuned differently, and it’s meant to eliminate the flaws of the original LCD-X, its uneven midrange performance. Nonetheless, instead of comparing it to the original LCD-X, I’ll be focusing more on the headphone itself, and how does it stand its ground in 2021."

"Last but definitely not least is the soundstage. Audeze has always been known for its pretty accurate, yet rather intimate staging capabilities, and it’s no different with the X 2021. While focusing solely on its size, the X 2021 is definitely nowhere close to the biggest staging headphones on the market, even around its price bracket, like HD800s or the Arya. The LCD-X 2021 has a rather medium-small soundstage, that’s still highly accurate and lifelike sounding. It is more of a presentation type, and it’s always been that way. Some people would find the staging of something like HD800s exaggerated, too big, and unnatural, and that would be totally fine. Different soundstage sizes suit different music genres better, and the LCD-X is a brilliant staging pair of headphones for genres like jazz or acoustic music. If you’re listening to a vocalist with a single acoustic guitar in the track, you don’t really want those acres of space around them, as it would not sound really convincing nor natural. "
"Audeze has created a monster of a headphone with the new LCD-X 2021. It does just about everything right, with its great packaging, excellent and industrial build to a highly detailed and pleasant sound performance. We don’t yet have a recommendation list here at Ear Fidelity, but if we did, the LCD-X 2021 would have been one of the easiest headphones to put on it. At the $1199 asking price for the creator package, it is frighteningly close to being the perfect headphone for the money. Can’t think of any +/- $1000 pair of headphones that I could recommend with such ease. Fantastic job."