Eurogamer Names Penrose X a Best XBOX Series X Headset

July 12, 2021

"The Audeze Penrose X is the best premium wireless headset we've tested yet, with planar magnetic drivers that allow for excellent sound quality at the expense of bulk. The Penrose is defined by excellent clarity and separation, making it easy to pick out details even in chaotic soundscapes, with a slightly warm sound overall. Combined with a good low latency audio connection via a 2.4GHz wireless dongle and a good microphone, and you get one of the best-sounding headsets for Series X. The headset also offers Bluetooth and 3.5mm connectivity, allowing use with a wide range of other devices."

"I found the Penrose quite uncomfortable initially, but after a week of use its high clamping force eased up, and it now ranks among the most comfortable options I've tried despite its weight. Battery life is average, at around 15 hours, with USB-C charging taking a few hours; you get an audible low battery warning when you have an hour or less left."