Audeze Euclid Named a Best IEM of 2021 by AudioSolace

July 26, 2021

"Well-versed in planar magnet technology, Audeze are a strong pioneer within the world of personal audio. Their story was inspired by NASA technology which has seen the company bring forth innovations including Fluxor magnet arrays and Fazor wave-guide elements. With an appetite for the planar sound, Audeze also became one of the first companies to integrate planar technology into in-ear models such as the iSINE 10 and 20."

"The Audeze Euclid comes in a very refined and elegant design that radiates high-quality and luxury appeal. The housings combine ergonomically milled aluminum with carbon fiber for a low light weight design. The matte black finish with the subtle gold accents show off Audeze’s creative flair without being too gaudy or ostentatious. It is a well thought out design and the precision-milled unibody brings the whole in-ear monitor together."

"The Euclid’s ergonomic design is masterfully done with a contouring that mimics the custom in-ear design with its angled nozzle and grooved body. Like the InEars ProMission X, the Euclid sits nicely within the conchae of the ear and the outer housing sitting flush in the overall fit. There is no sensation of digging or undue pressure which together with its light weight design aids a comforting prolonged listening session."

"The Audeze Euclid has an effortless air about it in the way that it deciphers notes from the bass all the way to the treble. It does not command attention from the outset with incisive revelation of micro-details like the Tia Fourte, but it unravels high resolution and coherence in a graceful and unassuming manner."

"The Audeze Euclid defines the new era of planar magnetic in-ear monitors – a breed which offer outstanding resolution, responsiveness and coherency. While there are a few directions I would have liked the Euclid’s tuning to have taken (a subtle sub-bass lift and uptick of higher frequencies) – there is no denying its laidback but highly resolute sound are a dream for reference lovers. The build quality and design are also fantastic and aluminum should be a material more manufacturers should consider owing to its lightweight properties. The Audeze Euclid will be taking a seat in our list of highly recommended IEMs and I do look forward to see what the California-based audio brand has next up their sleeves."