Euclid Named a "Best Gear for Aspiring Audiophiles" by WIRED

June 08, 2021

"Take it from someone who records music: The world of high-end audio is often tainted with bullshit. Precious (and often snake-oily) materials and terms are exploited to sell products for inflated prices. Faux-science is deployed to trick you into thinking you need overpriced accessories like 2-inch-thick speaker cables. "

"Once you start shopping for gear that approaches the high three or low four figures, it's tough to distinguish what's good from what's simply good-looking. Never fear! I've spent thousands of hours listening to music in my acoustically treated home studio through many of the most loved high-end headphones, speakers, and amps on the market. Below you'll find my current favorites, and some information about what each item does."

"At the higher end, my current favorite in-ears are from the premium audio brand Audeze. The company's Euclid buds ($1,299) are among the most astonishing in-ears I've ever tested, thanks to their custom planar magnetic drivers. I've never heard bass this good from in-ear headphones, and the overall detail in the sound is nothing short of shocking. "