Euclid Earns Innovation Award from TechPowerUp

September 12, 2021

"I've said in other contexts here on TPU that the black and gold color scheme can work quite well, and I have to say the Audeze Euclid is a good example of this. There is no reflective gold or glossy black; everything is more understated with a matte finish, which has the build quality and colors shine through naturally."

-VSG, TechPowerUp

Innovation Award Badge from TechPowerUp
"A recess in the housing allows the MMCX connectors to mate, and I have to say these are the best MMCX connectors I have seen on IEMs to date. It is the first time I truly have no qualms about the build quality or longevity of MMCX connectors, a good standard for others to adhere to since there are so many bad implementations out there which wear out sooner than later, so much so that the 2-pin connector ends up a safer bet."
"Even with the rapid roll-off in the highs, It's the least fatiguing set of IEMs I have ever listened to, besting many headphones."
"These are only my second planar magnetic devices tested to date, let alone just as IEMs, and I have to say that the Euclid is better-tuned than the LCD-2 Classic over-ear open-back headphones. In fact, I would definitely listen to these over the LCD-2C even disregarding the size and weight differential. The amount of detail these things can resolve even in the sub-bass is extraordinary."
"I suppose the biggest compliment I can give the Audeze Euclid is that I forgot these were closed-back IEMs soon into my listening experience. I know it is careful tuning and driver selection/manufacturing, which the brand has worked on getting done in-house for further control, but it might as well be magic in how precise the imaging is and how wide the soundstage gets."